Buying Canadian Drugs – How Safe Is It?

Quality comparison

How does the quality of Canadian drugs in online pharmacies compare with the US? The Canadian government has very stringent drug requirements in Canada. These requirements are very similar to US requirements. Generics are manufactured in Canada or India but in accordance with the stringent requirements of Canada.

Why do some drugs have different names in Canada?

These are trademarks or trademarks registered by the manufacturer. Manufacturers often use different brands in different countries. Preparations contain the same active ingredients, but may look different and have a different brand name.

Drug prices in Canada are usually much lower than in the US, even for US-made drugs. This is due to the fact that the Canadian government regulates drug prices, while the United States does not. Cheaper generic versions of well-known branded drugs appear in Canada faster thanks to various patent laws. A Canadian generic drug for tamoxifen for breast cancer before the American generic was launched, cost one-tenth of the American brand, and still cost a lot less. Inexpensive Canadian drugs are often the only option available to Americans who do not have drug coverage and cannot pay the highest price.

Do Canadian pharmacies need a prescription?

You must have a prescription from your doctor to buy certain medicines. Online pharmacies only deliver prescription drugs that were originally provided. When ordering prescription drugs, a pharmacy specialist will draw your attention to the fact that if the order is for more than one person, you must fill out separate order forms.

Payment and delivery

A Canadian pharmacy accepts Visa and MasterCard, Discover. Some online pharmacies accept wire transfers and checks. Some credit card companies block payments originating in another country. Payment cannot be received even if the correct credit card information has been provided. Tell your bank that you are planning to pay at a pharmacy in Canada and unlock this payment.

Delivery of your order: The estimated processing time refers to the time from the moment you receive the order at the pharmacy until the order with your medicine reaches your door. On average, it takes 2 to 3 weeks. We don’t want your medicines to end before your new medicine order reaches you.

Charges and refunds

There are no additional consultation fees or other hidden charges at a Canadian pharmacy.

It is illegal for pharmacies to take drug refunds. All prescriptions are filled in Canada, and therefore pharmaceutical stores must comply with all applicable laws. The law states: the pharmacist does not accept the return to use or reuse any part of any over-the-counter or prescription drug. As if you bought the medicine at a regular retail pharmacy, you cannot return the purchased medicine. However, all orders erroneously executed or not delivered will be returned.

Canadian online pharmacies – privacy and security

Any personal information that you provide when ordering Canadian medicines, including your email address or phone number, is confidential and not disclosed to third parties. Your order will be securely packaged and shipped within 24 hours. Here is what your package will look like (photos of the actual goods shipped). It has the size and appearance of a classic private letter and does not disclose its contents.


Canadian drugs package