Q. What is the quality of Canadian drugs compared to the United States?
A. The Canadian government has very strict manufacturing requirements for Canadian prescription drugs. These requirements are very similar to US requirements. Some of the drugs sold in Canada are actually manufactured in the United States and repackaged for sale in Canada. Generics are manufactured in Canada in accordance with Canada’s stringent requirements.

Q. Are all drugs available in Canada?
A. No. We do not have all the drugs available in other parts of the world. We have most of the drugs available in Canada.

Q. Why do some drugs have different names in Canada?
A. These are trademarks or trademarks registered with the manufacturer. Manufacturers often use different brands in different countries. Preparations contain the same active ingredients, but may look different and have a different brand name.

Q. Are all medicines in Canada cheaper?
A. No. Most of them are cheaper, but there are exceptions.

Q. What is your privacy policy?
A. Your information is not shared or sold to anyone other than the Canadian reviewer, the client who owns this information, or the US doctor who prescribed the drugs you ordered without your permission

Q. Where are your generics produced?
A. All generic drugs are manufactured in Canada or India. The three generic companies that manufacture our generics produce highly respected companies: Apotex Inc., Novopharm Biotech Inc, and Pharmascience. For more information on How Prescription Medicines Are Made in Canada, you can visit these companies on their respective websites.

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